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LURA is owned by successful Croatian entrepreneur Luka Rajić.

LURA was founded in 1991 as an import and export company. The company operated in the region, engaging in import of dairy products and export of Croatian export products – fish products, fruit and vegetables. It developed successfully and soon became a recognised brand within the food industry of that region.

In 1993 LURA became the main owner of Dukat, back then a local Zagreb dairy. With continuous investment and innovation, Dukat expanded its business into the entire Croatian area and in 1999 it merged with Sirela, Mljekara Zadar and LURA into a unique legal entity LURA. In the years to follow, LURA diversified the existing predominantly dairy business and entered the soft drink sector and the sector of confectionery and baking industry.

In 2003 LURA expanded to the regional market, where they continued their successful business and with constant innovations they achieved continuous growth and development within the market.

In the beginning of 2005 LURA restructured their business, made strategic choices and focused on dairy business. In the years to follow they removed the companies from other sectors from their ownership.

In 2007, LURA removed Dukat dairy industry from its portfolio, and Dukat’s ownership was taken over by the leading dairy industry Lactalis, while LURA continued its operations under the name LURA Ulaganja.

After a detailed analysis of business circumstances and opportunities in the Croatian market, LURA Ulaganja turned to new investment projects in the pharmaceutical and logistics sector. As a result of a two-year analysis carried out by LURA Ulaganja, in 2009 a start-up company PharmaS for the production and trade of generic medicines was founded. Furthermore, they continued investing in RALU logistics and in Favarger and LURA Investments in Geneva.


 The basic activity of the company is the coordination of its member companies: PharmaS pharmaceutical company, logistics company RALU logistika, LURA Voće Company, LURA Investments investment company and chocolate production company Favarger in Geneva.

LURA Grupa was founded as a result of an intensive development and pro-European orientation of its member companies and for a more effective organizational structure and integration of particular activities of its members: mutual Financing, Strategy, Supply, Marketing, ...
Marking the further development of a new investment cycle, whose part is also LURA Grupa, Luka Rajić stated:

"We are pleased that through LURA Grupa we managed to find new concepts, we have optimized our business operations and enabled a more effective management which represents a significant step in the further development of Grupa members. With the synergy of business operations through our umbrella company we gave an additional value to the investments and contributed to further development of modern companies that will be successful competitors on the domestic and European market."


Member of Management Board
Ivan Kliček




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  • LURA Grupa d.o.o. for trade and services
  • Address:Radnička cesta 47, 10 000 Zagreb
  • Gyro account:2360000 - 1101921873, Zagrebačka banka
  • Subscribed capital:12.350.000,00 kn
  • Company's Registration Number:080579832
  • Company Registration/ Tax Number: 02132320
  • Personal ID Number:45278650939
  • VATIN: HR45278650939
  • IBAN HR6223600001101921873, SWIFT: ZABAHR2X Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb

Management Board: Ivan Kliček, Board member